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Every Age (Eyes In Space)

Every Age (Eyes In Space)

Interactive VR Music Video experience


José González


José González


Simon Morris & Chris Higham


Daniel Mascarenhas, Alexander Collin, Paulo Barcelos & Olivier Ramirez

Interactive Team

Kari Shaw


Viktor Kumlin & Camilla Falk

Assistant Producers

Henrique Araujo & Jonathan Scherzenlehner


Awards & Mentions

Adobe Cutting Edge Award of the Year
Semi Finalist

Art Director, Designer & Creative tech.

Adobe Cutting Edge Award Project of the Week

Art Director, Designer & Creative tech.

The FWA Site of The Day

Art Director, Designer & Creative tech.

Design Licks Site of The Day 13.01

Art Director, Designer & Creative tech.

A project established to mesh artistic experimentation with scientific innovation. EyesinSpace’s maiden voyage invites you on a journey to roam space freely, using the astonishing Hexacam, a six-sided camera which forms an all-absorbing, endless 360° experience.
EyesinSpace is about inventing and moulding tech to make the impossible, possible. We also endeavour to offer the audience a truly mesmerising, multi-sensory experience wherever we decide to take them. For this first exploration, the EyesinSpace specially developed Hexacam allows film footage to be captured from six directions simultaneously.
The collective’s film lab then seamlessly joins the Hexacam captures to create an all immersive, endless, 360 experience. An experience in a location that, until now, the majority of the world could only dream of escaping to and travelling through freely.
EyesinSpace will not limit themseves to galatic experiences, the hexacam is just one of a number of innovations the collective intend to explore and evolve to create new 360 immersive experiences in other places.


Eyes In Space got more than 150.000 unique visitors in less than 24 hours and has been written about in more than 150 blogs across the world within a few days.