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Bye Bye Blue

Bye Bye Blue

Album artwork (vinyl, cd & digital) and branding


Miriam Bryant / Warner Music Sweden


Miriam Bryant

Creative Director

Alexander Collin

Art Director

Beata Holmgren


Emma Finnkvist

Product Manager


A digisleeve CD packaging containing the CD and a 12 page booklet. We were inspired by the songs themselves and how the CD from first to last song tells a powerful story much like how a movie does and to make sure that the physical edition of the album should enhance the audiovisual storytelling to a physical and printed medium.

From the album artwork shot in its entirety in a studio with real life elements, the back of the packaging with a “behind the scenes”-vibe to the typography of all the credits.

Check back soon for more images of the 12” vinyl!

Digisleeve front
Digisleeve spine
Digisleeve back

The centerfold of the digisleeve is made up by 13 illustrations made by 13 fans which we’ve collected through Instagram and Snapchat to include their perspective of Miriam and to show how much she appreciate her devoted fans.

The 12 page booklet consists of all the lyrics of the main songs on the album with an accompanying artwork, a powerful last ‘bye bye’-shot followed by a strong written prologue by Miriam.

behind the scenes
Bye Bye Blue Booklet Front
Bye Bye Blue CD
Bye Bye Blue Booklet open
Bye Bye Blue Booklet open
Bye Bye Blue Booklet open
Bye Bye Blue Booklet open